Junior IPL - Junior Players League Cricket Tournament 2016
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VISION Our vision is to take this junior ipl to the national level and to make move and more companys engaged with us so that this league can be taken to the another level .


To take the players from the street , towns , villages, to the another level or to upgrade them .

To upgrade the gap between the players regarding their status theim streets, academies, clubs, by making them come in together , played together stand togethers,

To motivate the players of every level so that they can search them together.

To show the new path to the players and making their dreams a live

To upgrade the level of the players played in streets , small villages.

Every players wants that their names will be known to every one . our end motive is this that the players become famous/ popular

To make the players played at the national and international level.

To accorpies the dream or target of the players .

OBJECTIVE JIPL association strongly believes that every cricketer who plays with the passion and dedication should have a fair chance to show what he is capable of . No one can take your dreams away. With this objective of fulfilling dreams of every player who loves cricket and dedicated to it we are providing a big platform to shine in the world of cricket.