Junior IPL - Junior Players League Cricket Tournament 2016
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This JPL league proved to be booom for new generation to show case their talent . the selection to showcase their talent. There is no discrimination regarding colours, caste, relgim, status . the selection is only and only on the basis of the prerfomance of the player trail . Of the player during trail . no recommendation from the outside people will be taken into unsideration the selection process is going to be samew for all

The following are the main charactsitic of the junior ipl .

1. Everyone will get a chance to be on the t.v as their league will going to be a live telecast
2. Only talentd players will going to play .
3. Trainers/ coach international player.
4. Batting coach- sikandar raza , jimi hansara, mohit kumar
5. Bowling coach- itfan khan , sandeep tyagi, sandeep, shadab khan
6. Fielding- j.t rajels, qamar alam,
7. Like on ipl , this junior ipl will also auction its every players and auction will take place through
8. At the national level , the players have an opportunity to play
9. So many known prestigouns player wil arif Kaif , ajit , sandeep pathwala.
10. Each and every player will going to be awarded by the best players
11. Everyone will get a certificate
12. The winning team will have a chance to play in england for the 10 days tour.